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New products available!

New products available! Wildberrysauces, ready to use!


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Products via Alko Sale-to-order selection

Now its easy to order our products via Alko Sale-to-order selection!
From 9.2.2015 via Sale-to-order selection following products:
Virvatulet Lakkaviini (Virvatulet Cloudberry wine)
0,5l, 12,0%
Description: sweet, medium acidity, rich in berries
Product number: 941246
Price: 23,30

Arctic Rose via Alko stores!

 Now you can find our Arctic Rose non-alcoholic Gala drink from Alko stores, from 19.10.2015!


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Pages under construction are finally ready!

 Pages that has been waiting for the translation, are finally translated to english also!


We apologize of the inconvenience you may have faced while waiting the translation to be finished.

New products added!

 At the Wine section you can find new products with detailed info. New products added:

Sparkling Cloudberry wine

Sparkling Lingonberry wine

Sparkling Rhubarbwine

Bilberry wine

These products are available at the store, at the Ranua (same yard with Ranua Zoo).

Welcome to visit!


Ranua-Revontuli Ltd renewed web site!

The website of Ranua-Revontuli Ltd has finally been updated. For now on, we can easily post news related to our company, so keep on eye this web site!

Please contact us if you have troubles with the website.

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