Wild berry products

Virvatulet wines

Real tastes and aromas.

Genuine tastes of crowberry, cloudberry, lingonberry, rhubarb, rowanberry and strawberry. No extra color or flavouring [read more].



Soft, full-flavoured and genuine aromas of blueberry, rowanberry, cranberry and cloudberry. No extra color or flavouring [read more].

Spiced juices of wild berries

This tasty spiced juice (mulled wine without alcohol) has been made of three different wild berry full-juice. Sugar and spices included [read more].


Jellies made of wild berries

Jellies made of crowberry, cranberry, cloudberry, lingonberry, blueberry or rowan berry [read more].


100% juices of wild berries

100% juices pressed of wild berries and pasteurized; lingon berry, blueberry, crowberry and cranberry. Includes no extra sugar, color, flavouring or any other ingredients [read more].


Gift packages

For business gifts, cartons of different size including jellies, spiced juice and 100% juices. The content of the carton can be modified [read more].