100% juices of wild berries and other no-alcohol drinks

Genuine taste of the wild berries of Lapland, Finland. 100% made of the berryjuice, No additives added, all the color, taste and aroma comes from the berry itself. Juices are full-bodied, without any clarification. 

Our choices of the 100% juices:

  • Lingonberry
  • Bilberry
  • Crowberry
  • Cranberry

Package size: glass bottle 200 ml

Usage: as juice
  for cooking (soup, sauces, spicing)
Instructions: 1 part of juice 
  5 parts of water
  sugar if needed
  If the taste is too strong, add more water.


Sparkling Gala Drink, Arctic Rose, no-alcohol


Lighty sparkling, yellow, delicate, little bit sweet. Aroma arctic and natural. Good for aperitif- or afterdinner drink. 

Aroma and yellow gold from arctic swamp ennobled with rose root. 
sugar 40 g/l
alcohol 0,0% vol.
carbonic acid 5.5 g/l
service temperature +10-15 °C
bottle size 75 cl