Spiced juice of wild berries


Arctic Berries glög

Non-alcoholic, natural wild berry spiced juice.

Ingredients: crowberry-, bilberry-, lingonberryjuice, sugar, spices 

Package sizes: glass bottle 200 ml (gift package size)
  glass bottle 350 ml

Instructions:           1 part spiced juice
  2-4 parts water (or red wine)
  Get it warm (do not boil)
  Optionally you can add alcoholics like brandy or rom.


Cloudberry glög

Non-alcoholic, natural wild berry spiced juice, ready to drink.

Ingredients: water, sugar, clouberryjuice, spices (ginger, cloves, bitter orangepeel, vanilla, saffron) 

Package sizes: 350 ml glass bottle 

Instructions: Use without heating up or heat it up around 40 celsius degrees.
  Do not boil.
  Optionally you can add alcoholics.